Efficient repair and maintenance are critical to maintaining margins in the timber industry.

PasMac is your competitive advantage. The PasMac removable shaft solution allows you to quickly remove the gearbox for repair of the shaft, driven object or for bearing replacement and helps reduce moving parts and decrease downtime by streamlining maintenance and protecting your equipment while increasing safety.

PasMac Series I PM6: Check it out.



PasMac also greatly streamlines maintenance and cuts down on spare parts inventory through shaft-diameter standardization. PasMac can mate a driver to any size shaft. Over time, or if installed as part of a plant’s original design, this standardizes gear reducers and driven objects throughout a plant.

PasMac also provides flexibility in retrofitting older equipment.  For example, PasMac can convert a metric shaft to a standard shaft gearbox, or visa versa; so only one model gearbox needs to be stocked for backup. Should you need to lengthen a short chain-and-sprocket shaft to fit a shaft-mounted gearbox, PasMac acts as the necessary shaft extension, and installation is as simple as cutting off a portion of the old shaft and replacing it with PasMac.


Organizations are treating safety and maintenance as an integral part of their business.  Because PasMac provides ease of removal it is no longer necessary to pry or cut the shaft mounting from the gearbox, which often exposes workers to potential safety situations.  Should prying or cutting be necessary the PasMac solution will easily disengage from the driven object so that the gearbox with PasMac can be taken to the shop to be worked on in a safer environment. Typical maintenance procedures are now much safer and efficient for plant mechanics.


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For many industries maintenance costs are a significant portion of the operational cost. The PasMac removable shaft solution is the answer to trouble-free use of your shaft-mounted gear reducer. The PasMac solution is a simple, yet effective, system to ease removal, decrease downtime and protect your equipment and people. PasMac comes in different configurations to meet your unique needs.